As your union representatives we negotiate on your behalf with employers for numerous improvements with include and are not limited to consistent increases in pay, job security, improving pensions and benefits, paid sick and accidental leaves, along with life insurance and vacation time.

With your Unifor membership you will always be provided with the upmost service and represented professionally at any time you need the assistance of either a Nation or Local Union representative. Unifor Union members are also entitled to educational workshops that cover various programs such as Union leadership seminars and training towards shop stewards. Members are also eligible to a woman’s committee that aids the cause to dissolve the barriers women face in the workplace, such as equal pay or equivalent promotions as men receive.

As a Unifor Local 2003E union member you will be affiliated with the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC), who are affiliated with some 2.3 million union workers bound together in solidarity to create a force to be reckoned with by political decision makers. Unifor is also connected to numerous international organizations that monitor the activities and progress of multinational companies.

In addition, you will receive a copy of our national union newspaper delivered to your home. We publish various news bulletins and constantly convey our message through regular contact with the media.

Following a Unifor union collective agreement you are happy with, and only then, will you begin to pay dues – which is a nominal 1.67% of your wages. Until then, we provide our complimentary services to you.

Receive the benefits of being a Unifor Local 2003E member, call us today for any inquiries regarding the benefits of creating a unionized workplace.